Structural Features and Metamorphism of the Marble and Associated Rocks in Itobe Area, Central Nigeria

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Author(s) M Onimisi | A Daniel
Pages 48-58
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords Structural, foliation, joints, metamorphism, Itobe.

Field geologic and petrographic studies of the marble and the associated rocks of Itobe area in central Nigeria show that the structures observed in the rocks include foliation, minor folds, joints and fractures. Two foliation trends have been observed in the rocks of the area; a dorminant foliation trend in the NNE­SSW/ NE­SW direction which is inferred to correspond to the Pan African orogeny, and a minor foliation trend in the NW­SE direction which is inferred to correspond to an earlier tectonic event regarded as the Pre ­ Pan African orogeny. The joints and fractures in the rocks trend dominantly in the E – W direction with a minor trend in the WSW – ESE direction. Although no major fault was mapped in the area, faulting is inferred from the extensive shearing of the granite gneiss and feldspathic quartzite on the eastern bank of the River Niger over a distance of about 1km towards the east. Metamorphism of the rocks of the Itobe area is of the low grade regional type, and the metamorphic facies is of the greenshcist type.

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