An Analysis of ICT impact on the Curricular of Major Nigerian Universities in the Last Ten Years 2003-2013

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Author(s) Umeagukwu Emmanuel O. | Etuh Blessing Ngozi.
Pages 59-65
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords ICTs University Education, Curricular, Nigeria

University Education has come of age and reached the point at which information and communication technology (ICT) forms the nucleus of its existence in all phases of its processes. ICT and its application have emerged into education and higher institution of learning as a driving force for development. This study focuses on the Analysis of how ICT impacted on the curricular of major Nigeria universities in the last ten years (2003-2013). The study also took a critical look at the emergence of ICT and the development stages in Nigerian university. It also showcases the effect and impact of ICT on University curricular and also some challenges facing the proper diffusion of ICT into Nigerian universities. A combination of ex-post facto and document material for data gathering was employed as a methodology for this study. The outcome of study shows that ICT really have really impacted positively and progressively on Nigerian universities curricular. And a recommendation was made at end of the study.

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