The Chemical Composition and Possible Industrial Uses of the Marble Body in Itobe Area, Central Nigeria

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Author(s) M Onimisi | N.G Obaje | A Daniel
Pages 41-47
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords Marble, Chemical, Composition, Industry, Itobe and Mass

Chemical analyses involving determination of major element composition and PH values were carried out on two marble outcrops (described as mass I and mass II) of the Itobe marble body in Itobe area, Kogi State, central Nigeria, with a view to determining the possible industrial uses of the marble body based on chemical composition only. The result shows that mass II is suitable for the manufacture of pesticide and cement, although for the manufacture of cement it may have to be blended with the appropriate quantity of shale and laterite to adjust the Silica Ratio (S.R.) to meet up with the requirement for typical cement Kiln feed. Masses I and II are suitable for the manufacture of sodium alkalis and as grit for the manufacture of poultry feed. Mass I, because of its relatively high MgO content is suitable for use as flux in the manufacture of steel and as refractory lime in the metallurgical industry.

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