Use of Bifidobacterium for Treatment and Protective from Entamoeba Histolytica Infection in Mice

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Author(s) Sabaa T. Mohamed
Pages 1-6
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords smart material, piezoelectric materials, magneto-rheostatic materials, electro-rheostatic materials, shape memory alloys

A smart material is one which is having a molecular structure responds in a particular and controlled way to influences upon it. They have one or more properties that can be dramatically altered. The most of the materials used everyday have physical properties which cannot be significantly altered, example, if oil is heated it will become a little thinner, where as smart material with variable viscosity may turned from a fluid which flows easily to a solid. A variety of smart materials are already exists and are being researched extensively. These include piezoelectric materials, magneto-rheostatic materials, electro-rheostatic materials, and shape memory alloys. In the present paper, an attempt is made to analyze piezoelectric materials using the higher order shear deformation theory for more accurate results. In this paper analytical procedure is developed to find the bending characteristics of piezoelectric laminated material plates which are subjected to electromechanical loading. The results predicted in this work are compared with the other theories.

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