Vol. 3, No.2 February 2014

Pages 85-145

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Shallow Resistivity Measurements for Subsoil Corrosivity Evaluation in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   S.A. Ngah | T.K.S. Abam 85-91
- Investigation of Lead Concentrations in the Blood of Kohl Users from Dangora Community of Kano State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   I.Y Zakari | A. M Sadiq | U Sadiq 92-98
- On the Inequality of the Union of power Sets and Power set of Union Abstract Full Text
   Ummar Shehu 99-100
- Statistical Modeling of Head Loss Components in Water Distribution within Buildings Abstract Full Text
   J. I. Sodiki 101-120
- Developing ECO Sensitive Infrastructure Solutions with the use of Sustainability Criteria Abstract Full Text
   S.H. Saroop | D. Allopi 121-126
- Visualization of Breast Cancer Data by SOM Component Planes Abstract Full Text
   P.Venkatesan. | M.Mullai 127-131
- Quality and Accessibility of Higher Education in Public University of Bangladesh Abstract Full Text
   Chandan Kumar Sarkar | Mustafizur Rahman | Swapan Kumar Saha 132-139
- Poly(vinylalcohol)/Lamellar Germanium Phosphate Nanocomposite Membranes Abstract Full Text
   S. K. Shakshooki | B.Najeh- Ali | S.S. Rais | A. M.Hamassi 140-145

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