Investigation of Lead Concentrations in the Blood of Kohl Users from Dangora Community of Kano State, Nigeria

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Author(s) I.Y Zakari | A. M Sadiq | U Sadiq
Pages 92-98
Volume 3
Issue 2
Date February, 2014
Keywords AAS, Blood Pb concentration, kohl, Lead Poison, Risk

The blood of 15 regular Kohl users and that of 10 non-Kohl users from Dangora community were analyzed for lead (Pb) concentrations. The work is to ascertain the possibility of absorption of Kohl through the eyes when used as cosmetic, to elevate the blood lead level. The lead concentrations in water used by the Dangora community were also analyzed. 15 registered and unexpired eye/ear products were also analyzed for the minimum body requirement of lead concentration to the eye. The blood lead concentration results indicate a mean Pb level for the Kohl users as 10.9±4.4μg/dl and for non Kohl users as 5.2±3.9μg/dl. The Pb concentration in the well waters analyzed, were found to be highest at CGWW =3342.6ppb and lowest at GTWW = 37.2ppb. The tap and bore-hole waters were observed to have an average of 57.4ppb lead concentration. The detected Pb concentrations in 14 of the eye/ear products range between 0.0266 ppm and 0.1751ppm with a mean value of 0.0932±0.0142 ppm which is found to be significantly lower than the safety limit in cosmetics (10ppm)

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