Quality and Accessibility of Higher Education in Public University of Bangladesh

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Author(s) Chandan Kumar Sarkar | Mustafizur Rahman | Swapan Kumar Saha
Pages 132-139
Volume 3
Issue 2
Date February, 2014
Keywords Higher Education; Public University; Accessibility; Quality

Education is the formal process by which society transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another deliberately. Education is fundamental right to enhancing the quality of human life and ensuring social and economic progress. The higher education is the important major part of the education system. The key objectives of higher education are to generate the new knowledge, explore new ideas and concept on different sectors of economy which might enhance the economic growth and development and anticipate the needs of the economy and prepare highly skilled workers. In these contexts, higher education should be standard, welfare and sustainable develop oriented. In this paper contents the quality and accessibility of higher education in the public universities in Bangladesh. The main objective of this study is to standardize of higher education in public university of Bangladesh. The paper emphasizes on the students and ordinary people opinion that represent the present education system of public university, its existing problems, challenges, the quality, diversity and accessibility of higher education system in Bangladesh. Dhaka University and National University was selected to collect the data purposively for both qualitative and quantitative methods have been applied. The findings of the study show the different branches of higher education its quality and accessibility of the students as well as the educational cost effectiveness perceived by their guardian. The findings of the study would be able to represent the overall scenario of higher education system of Bangladesh that may guide to the policy makers further.

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