GUS-gene as a Visual Marker for Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus Co-cultivated with Carrot Plantlets

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Author(s) Jamella Hazza Rasheed
Pages 776-779
Volume 3
Issue 12
Date December, 2014
Keywords GUS-gene, Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, Carrot.

This investigation assessed the interaction between carrot, Daucus carota l., axenic seedlings and N2-fixing bacteria Glucanacetobacter Diazotrophicus labeled with GUS-reporter gene. The results indicate the improvement of growth of the inoculated seedlings without the formation of nodule fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Transformed tissue stained by X-Gluc solution acquired the blue color and visualized by naked eyes. This is the most important signs which represent a strong marker pointed out the successful expression of GUS (β-glucuronidase) gene. This gene considered one of the reporter genes used for the first time in determining the efficiency of gene expression between carrot and this type of N2 fixing bacteria.

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