Species Diversity and Evenness of Some Organisms in Usumani and Imo Rivers, Abia State, Nigeria

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Author(s) K.O.Obasi | R.I.Okechukwu | N.J. Nwokocha
Pages 690-695
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Species, diversity, evenness, Survey, Downstream, Planktons, Shannon Weinner, Pileo

An analytical study was done on the species diversity and species evenness of some organisms in Usumani river and Imo rivers ( at Owerrinta and Uzuaku) in Abia State , Nigeria.The study area was surveyed to establish sampling points downstream and plankton net of 80µM mesh and 18cm diameter was used to collect the Planktons for wet microscopy (at X 40) to establish available microscopic organisms. Organisms were identified on the basis of acceptable scientific procedures: using indexed invertebrates and non flowering plants. Shannon Weinner’s diversity index(H), and Pileos’s evenness index (J) or Equitability, were adopted in establishing the diversity and evenness of the species respectively. Results of the study show that the highest diversity index of 2.0312 and equitability (evenness) index of 0.8471 were recorded at Usumani river . At Imo river Uzuaku, diversity index of 0.6560 and equitability of 0.4076 were recorded. In addition, Imo river Owerrinta had diversity index of 0.7407 and equitability of 0.4134.

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