Determination of Propagation Path Loss and Contour Map for Adaba FM Radio Station in Akure Nigeria

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Author(s) Oyetunji S. A | Alowolodu O. D
Pages 661-668
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Signal Strength, Spectrum Management, Terrain and Transmission Loss.

FM signal propagation through the troposphere interacts with the terrain as obstacles and reflection planes. To understand the degree of interaction, signal strength measurements of the 88.9MHz frequency modulated Adaba Radio located at Akure Nigeria (Longitude 5.125431E, Latitude 7.324499N) was carried out in the area surrounding the station. The paper reviews the various models for predicting transmission loss and employed the long rice irregular terrain model for its versatility for the study. The losses along the paths were determined and this was compared with the path loss predicted by the irregular terrain model and this was highly correlated. The result offers useful data for developing the contour map of the propagation loss which was developed for the station. It was concluded that with the irregular terrain model predictions can be used for accurate spectrum management in Nigeria.

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