Production of Sodium Cyanide from Cassava Wastes

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Author(s) AttahDaniel B.E | Ebisike, K. | Adeeyinwo C.E | Adetunji A.R. | Olusunle S.O.O. | Adewoye O.O.
Pages 707-709
Volume 2
Issue 10
Date October, 2013
Keywords Cyanogenic glucosides, Acid hydrolysis, Sodium cyanide

An acid hydrolysis method of cyanide release from cyanogenic glucosides in cassava was investigated for the release of cyanide ion (CN-) to be used for the production of sodium cyanide from cassava. The released cyanide was fixed in Sodium Hydroxide after hydrolysis. Sodium cyanide was crystallized from the slurry by maintaining the temperature between 600C and 700C in a drying oven. Characterization of NaCN was done via the Deniges’ modified silver nitrate titration. Cyanide concentrations between 140mg CN/50g to 342mgCN/50g of sample were obtained. The yield range was 0.28% - 0.68%.

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