Performance Characteristics of Argentometric Method of Cyanide Determination

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Author(s) AttahDaniel B.E | Ebisike, K | Adeeyinwo C.E | Adetunji A.R. | Olusunle S.O.O. | Adewoye O.O.
Pages 735-740
Volume 2
Issue 10
Date October, 2013
Keywords pack cyaniding, calibration curve

The performance characteristics of the argentometric method of cyanide determination was investigated using the calibration curve method. The assessment offer linearity within the range 1.7x10-3moles to 3.5x10-3moles with a sensitivity of 0.6millimoles of cyanide per dm3 of 0 .0200 moldm-3 AgNO3. It gave a detection limit of 0.7 millimoles (0.02gCN).The interference studies within the linear range shows that halides (Cl -, Br -, I -) do not interfere in the analysis when there is excess of CN - in the sample. The assessed method was applied to determine cyanide in cassava samples and pack cyaniding compositions and residues.

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