Taxonomic Notes on Discoaters and Catinasters from Tomboy Field, Offshore Western Niger Delta, Nigeria

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Author(s) S. O. Obaje | E. A. Okosun
Pages 810-813
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2013, 2013
Keywords Calcareous nannofossils, Discoasters, Catinasters, Tomboy Field, offshore western Niger Delta, Nigeria

The aim of this paper is to present the taxonomic notes on Discoasters and Catinasters found in five wells in the Tomboy Field, offshore western Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Niger Delta lies between latitudes 4° and 6° N and longitudes 3° and 9° E in the south-south geo-political region of Nigeria. Ditch cutting samples collected from five wells at the industry standard of 9.14 m depth intervals were subjected to the pipette and smear laboratory technique to prepare them for microscopic assessment of nannoliths. Discoasters and Catinasters (nannoliths) were identified and their taxonomic notes were written in line with the International Code for Botanical Nomenclature.

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