Evaluating the Impact of Active Members on Church Growth

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Author(s) Ochoche, Jeffrey M. | Gweryina, Reuben I.
Pages 784-791
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2013, 2013
Keywords Church growth, Faith, Faith – free equilibrium, Mathematical modelling, Numerical simulation, Stability.

Believe is an integral part of human nature. Man has always believed in something and if this believe is strong enough there is a passion to transmit it to others. A church is an organised group of people who believe in Christ. Church founders and members have a mandate to spread their faith (believe). The transmission dynamics of believe is similar to that of an epidemic disease. In this paper we modelled church growth using ideas from epidemiological modelling and evaluated the impact of active members on the growth of the church. We found that a Fait- Free equilibrium state exists and that it is locally asymptotically stable. Furthermore we investigated the existence of a faithful endemic equilibrium state and numerically solved the model equations with MATLAB. From numerical simulations we established that maximum church growth is achieved in presence of effective active members who continue to reproduce themselves, that is, groom passive members into becoming active.

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