Vol. 2, No.5 May 2013

Pages 365-422

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- The Determination of Adulteration in Orange Based Fruit Juices Abstract Full Text
   Maireva S. | Usai T. | Manhokwe S. 365-372
- Some Algebraic Structures of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multisets (IFMSs) Abstract Full Text
   P. A. Ejegwa | J. A. Awolola 373-376
- Effect of the Temperature and Humidity on the Dielectric Properties of TiO¬2 Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis   Technique Abstract Full Text
   HD Chandrashekara | Dinesh Kumar | LCS Murthy 377-381
- Study of Some Enzymatic Activity from Two Varieties of Water Chestnuts (Trapa sp) Abstract Full Text
   M. Ziaul Amin | Kamal Krisna Biswas | M. Omar Faruk | Syed Mafuz Al Hasan | Mohammed A. Satter 382-387
- Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron Produced from Hybrid Inoculants Using Rotary Furnace Abstract Full Text
   Alasoluyi. J.O | Omotoyinbo J. A. | Olusunle S.O.O. | Adewoye O.O. 388-393
- Design and Modeling of DC/ DC Boost Converter for Mobile Device Applications Abstract Full Text
   Benlafkih Abdessamad | Krit Salah-ddine | Chafik Elidrissi Mohamed 394-401
- Implementation of Wireless Automation of Home Loads Based On Microsoft SDK Abstract Full Text
   Jeyasree Tagore | L. Gayathri | Kamini Uttamambigai. S. P 402-404
- Mapping and Spatial Distribution of Post Primary Schools in Yola North Local Government Area of Adamawa State,   Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Aliyu A | Shahidah M.A | Aliyu R.M 405-422

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