Implementation of Wireless Automation of Home Loads Based On Microsoft SDK

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Author(s) Jeyasree Tagore | L. Gayathri | Kamini Uttamambigai. S. P
Pages 402-404
Volume 2
Issue 5
Date May, 2013
Keywords Microsoft Software Development Kit, RF module, Micro Controller, Relay, Home Loads

The design of this project helps in providing a full solution for people to control their home appliances by giving voice commands in a wireless environment. It is a completely programmable speech recognition circuit that can be trained with any number of words. Some of the interesting applications are controlling mouse of your PC, other home loads, robot navigation, etc. The automation centers on recognition of voice commands and uses RF modules for transmission and reception, which are relatively cheap. In this paper we are testing our idea with RF transmission because with the IR transmitters there is a problem of directivity and range of working, that problem is eliminated with RF transmission. RF has better directivity and frequency range. The home automation system is intended to control all electrical appliances at home or office using voice commands. Software Development Kit is the speech recognition module that we are using and it can recognize and process the voice input. Software Development Kit has earlier been used only for controlling a single device with just two or three words in a shorter distance. In this paper, the voice input is captured through a microphone and processed into a text and transmitted. Different devices connected to the relay switch are switched on and off as per the user’s needs and demands.

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