Vol. 2, No.3 March 2013

Pages 238-281

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Species Diversity and Equitability Indices of Some Fresh Water Species in Aba River and Azumini Blue River, Abia State   Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   K.O.Obasi | N.D.Ijere | R.I.Okechukwu 238-242
- Stability and Sustainability Analysis of Power in a Deregulated System Abstract Full Text
   U. K. Okpeki | G. I. Efenedo 243-246
- Basic Calibration of UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer Abstract Full Text
   Adeeyinwo, C.E | Okorie, N. N. | Idowu, G. O. 247-251
- Assessment of Quality of the Various Brands of Portland Cement Products Available on the Ghanaian Market Abstract Full Text
   R. A. Sam | S. A. Bamford | J. J. Fletcher | F. G. Ofosu | A. Fuseini 252-258
- Derivation of an Implicit 4-Point Block Runge-Kutta for Direct Integration of Third Order IVPs and BVPs in ODEs using   the Quade’s Type Multistep Method Abstract Full Text
   Y. A. Yahaya | Z A. Adegboye 259-268
- Anthocyanins in Red Beet Juice Act as Scavengers for Heavy Metals Ions such as Lead and Cadmium Abstract Full Text
   Jaleel K. Ahmed | Husain A. M. Salih | Angham, G. Hadi 269-274
- Redefining Virtual Prototyping in the Mechanical Perspective Abstract Full Text
   Tariq Yasin 275-281

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