Basic Calibration of UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer

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Author(s) Adeeyinwo, C.E | Okorie, N. N. | Idowu, G. O.
Pages 247-251
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords UV/Vis spectrophotometer, Calibration, Calibration models, performance characteristics, Ringbom-Ayre’s plot, Normal calibration, KMnO4

In this work, the calibration of a UV visible spectrophotometer was carried out in order to optimize its performance. A normal calibration method was adopted and Ringbom-Ayre’s plot was used to confirm the precision. From the result, it was observed that the curve fitting for the Normal calibration gave the results using calibration model with least square value chosen as performance measure (R2), the linear model gives the least R - squared (0.997) which is minimal comparing the sum of the residual range thus confirming the accuracy of the results thus confirming the functionality of the instrument.

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