Stability and Sustainability Analysis of Power in a Deregulated System

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Author(s) U. K. Okpeki | G. I. Efenedo
Pages 243-245
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords N-1 secure system, N-2 secure system, symmetrical faults, unsymmetrical faults, open conductor faults

In a deregulated power system it is expected that the federal government should hand off and involves private operators of electricity to satisfy the system load requirements with a reasonable assurance of continuity and quality stability. Operators are under considerable pressure to run the power system in the most economical manner. Thus producing electrical energy to meet the demand at the lowest possible cost and enabling as many transactions as possible. These economic considerations invariably put more stress on the transmission system because more power ends up being transmitted over longer distances. Balancing the grid for profit and proper faults management are thus crucial to achieve continuity and system stability.

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