Species Diversity and Equitability Indices of Some Fresh Water Species in Aba River and Azumini Blue River, Abia State Nigeria

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Author(s) K.O.Obasi | N.D.Ijere | R.I.Okechukwu
Pages 238-242
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords diversity, species, Azumini,Aba, plankton, Shannon Weinner,Pileos,Survey

The study was on species diversity and equitability of some freshwater organisms in Aba River and Azumini blue river, Abia state, Nigeria. A survey of the sources of pollutants and the distribution system were executed to enhance designation of sampling points and establish water shed conditions. A Plankton net of 80µM mesh and 18cm diameter was used to collect the Planktons. Shannon’s diversity index , H= - (?( Pi In Pi) while Pi is the proportion of the total number of specimen expressed as a proportion of the total number of species for all species in the ecosystem was applied to establish diversity. The species evenness index (E) was calculated as E= H/H max. H max is the maximum possible value of H and it is equivalent to InS. Therefore E= H/Ins. The equability values (i.e Pileo’s evenness index, J) for Aba river was 0.1492 while that of Azumini blue river was 0.7724. The Shannon Weinner’s index of species diversity (H) for Aba river was 2.5649 while that of Azumini blue river was 1.5031.

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