Redefining Virtual Prototyping in the Mechanical

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Author(s) Tariq Yasin
Pages 275-281
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Virtual prototyping, Digital mockup, Kinematics simulation, functional prototype

The need to redefine virtual prototyping in the mechanical perspective has been felt in view of the widespread role and applications that the technology finds in today’s industry. Especially when seen in conjunction with the recent and rapid advancement, the available definitions seem to have lagged or have been found deficient in various aspects. The modifications made in the proposed definition have attempted to bring such aspects into perspective and after having ascertained the shortcomings through a careful and methodical analysis, have filled in the gaps and voids with value additions. The additions have been scrutinized in perspective of existing definitions and justifications offered for their validity and acceptance. Uptill now, virtual prototyping has been taken to be synonymous with Digital Mockup (DMU). After having ascertained the core essentials and evolution of the technology, it has been argued that the DMU in the classical sense is a static system. More recent development in the field related to the application of kinematic laws to simulate the DMU for operational analysis is now being seen as the true essence of virtual prototyping which the available definitions were found to fall short in signifying. Moreover, quit often, a technology or terminology is known and understood more through the core capabilities that it leverages. The proposed definition also benefits from this philosophy and has made these capabilities part of the definition for quick comprehension and intuitive familiarity with the term-the crux for any definition.

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