Study and Design of a Compact Parallel Coupled Microstrip Band-Pass Filter for a 5 GHz Unlicensed Mobile WiMAX Networks

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Author(s) A. Naghar | O. Aghzout | F. Medina | M. Alaydrus | M. Essaaidi
Pages 492-497
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords Parallel Coupled Lines, Microstrip filter, Band-pass Filter, Unlicensed WiMAX.

In this paper, a compact parallel coupled microstrip band-pass filter (BPF) is used to design a wideband third order of the Tschebyshev elements for an unlicensed WiMAX technology. Some techniques based on the parametrical study are proposed to obtain the desired 10 % operating bandwidth filter response. The new filter is implemented on Arlon AR 1000 substrate having a relative permittivity of 10 and substrate thickness 1.1938 mm respectively. The results based on the transmission line theory approach and the commercial electromagnetic Agilent ADS and CST-MS simulators show a good agreement.

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