Mobile Healthcare Solution: Using Mobile Phones to Improve Healthcare Services in Zanzibar

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Author(s) Haji Ali Haji | Tajabia Khamis Machano
Pages 471-479
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords Technology, healthcare service, mobile technology, patient, mobile phone

Technology is the important tool today to improve our lives and solve the problems of the world. It has a crucial role to play in achieving the development. The mobile technology has great potential to solve the social, political and economic matters. This study has aim to improve the healthcare services using new and more flexible mobile third generation technology. The study presents the implementation of reasonable solution that allow patients to access the medical services through his/her mobile phone at anytime, anyplace and everywhere in the locally relevant. The research’s data were collected in both primary and secondary methods. Where the primary data were collected straight from the sources and were gathered through the survey. The totals of 77 respondents were participated to answer the questionnaires which were selected randomly and the secondary data were collected from related literatures. The findings indicated that the popularity of using mobile phones is on the rise in developing countries including Zanzibar, while the healthcare services are still more challenging. The finding data were observed there is necessity to use mobile technologies in order to improve the healthcare services to the people. The two mobile services Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) were reviewed and were recommended to be used for providing the healthcare services. The contribution of this study in mobile health is that the communication between user and hospital server were done through the mobile phone provider compared to reviewed studies where communication made using wireless network.

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