Investigation of Unusual Atmospheric Warming over the Schirmacher oasis, East Antarctica

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Author(s) Rupinder Kaur | H.N. Dutta | N.C. Deb | Kh. Gajananda | M.K. Srivastav | V. E. Lagun
Pages 550-559
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2013
Keywords Schirmacher oasis, Atmospheric warming, Novolazarevskaya station, Maitri station, Blocking polar high

The weather over the Schirmacher oasis (located at the periphery of east Antarctica) experiences impact of the severe katabatic winds flowing from the interior of the continent towards the periphery and the induction of warm, moist air associated with the moving cyclones along the east coast of Antarctica. These processes at times lead to unusual atmospheric warming which need in-depth investigations. In the present paper, an unusual atmospheric warming (surface air temperature touching +12 °C) observed at the two closely located stations (Russian Antarctic station, Novolazarevskaya-70°46’S; 11°52’E and the Indian Antarctic station, Maitri-70°46’S; 11°41’E) during February 1996 has been investigated by a number of complementary atmospheric techniques. This unusually high temperature has been investigated as a wide spread warming over the east Antarctic region, which was caused by the induction of warm, humid oceanic air around the Syowa, Japan station under a blocking polar high.

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