Vol. 2, No.1 January 2013

Pages 1-157

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Factors Influencing Management of CDF Projects: A Case of Ainamoi Constituency, Kericho County Abstract Full Text
   Ochieng, F. Owuor | Tubey Ruth 1-15
- Large Deformation Behaviour of Continuum Compliant Systems Abstract Full Text
   Theddeus T. Akano | Omotayo A. Fakinlede 16-29
- An Investigation on the Effect of Cement Kiln Dust and Glauconite on the Properties of Acid Resisting Brick Abstract Full Text
   Medhat S. El-Mahllawy 30-43
- Plane Strain Deformation of a Poroelastic Half-Space in Welded Contact with an Isotropic Elastic Half Space Abstract Full Text
   Neelam Kumari | Aseem Miglani 44-59
- Least Square and Gauss Jordan Methods applied to fit the Dielectric data Vs. Concentration of Ionic Liquids Abstract Full Text
   Rajendra Padidhapu | Shahnaz Bathul | V.Brahmajirao 60-70
- Vitamins Composition of Pulp, Seed and Rind of Fresh and Dry Rambutan Nephelium Lappaceum and Squash
  Cucurbita pepo’L
Abstract Full Text
   Johnson J.T. | Abam K.I. | Ujong U. P. | Odey M.O. | Inekwe V.U. | Dasofunjo K. | Inah G.M. 71-76
- Mobile WiMAX as a Next Generation Broadband Wireless Networks Abstract Full Text
   Fasasi .A. Adebari | Olalekan Bello 77-80
- Comparative Proximate Compositions of Watermelon Citrullus Lanatus, Squash Cucurbita Pepo’l and Rambutan   Nephelium Lappaceum Abstract Full Text
   Fila, W.A. | Itam, E.H. | Johnson, J.T. | Odey, M.O. | Effiong, E.E. | Dasofunjo, K. | Ambo, E.E. 81-88
- Physicochemical Analysis of Cocoa Pod and its Effect as a Filler in Polyester Resin Composite Abstract Full Text
   Imoisili P. E. | Etiobhio B. W. | Ezenwafor. T. C. | AttahDaniels B. E. | Olusunle S.O.O. 89-93
- Remark on Some Operations of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Abstract Full Text
   A. M. Ibrahim | P. A. Ejegwa 94-98
- Comparative Vitamins Content of Pulp, Seed and Rind of Fresh and Dried Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) Abstract Full Text
   Johnson, J. T. | Lennox, J.A. | Ujong, U.P. | Odey, M.O. | Fila, W.O. | Edem, P.N. | Dasofunjo, K 99-103
- Bridging the Gap between E-Learning and Knowledge Management (KM): An enhancement of Moodle system by   applying KM Functions Abstract Full Text
   Shrestha S. | Kim J.M. 104-111
- Watershed Transform on Image Segmentation and Data Classification Abstract Full Text
   Parul Vashist | K.Hema 112-121
- Integration of Surface Electrical and Electromagnetic Prospecting Methods for Mapping Overburden Structures in   Akungba-Akoko, Southwestern Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Oluwafemi, O. | Oladunjoye, M. A. 122-147
- Implication of Yeast Dynamin-Related Protein Vps1 in Endocytosis and Organelle Fission Abstract Full Text
   Alexis Brummett | Michelle Williams | Jacob Hayden | Kyoungtae Kim 148-152
- Effect of Activity Directed Fractions of Vernonia amygdalina on Total Body Weight and Blood Glucose Levels of Diabetic   Wistar Albino Rats Abstract Full Text
   Ekam V. S. | Ebong P. E. | Johnson J. T. | Dasofunjo, K. 153-157

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