Bridging the Gap between E-Learning and Knowledge Management (KM): An enhancement of Moodle system by applying KM Functions

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Author(s) Shrestha S. | Kim J.M.
Pages 104-111
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords E-learning, Knowledge Management, Moodle, SNS, Mahara, Learning Management System.

The world moving towards digitization of knowledge makes E-learning an important issue and prime concern which can be enhanced by combining it with another separate world of knowledge called knowledge management. This research paper introduces E-learning and knowledge management and their relationship. The theoretical aspect illustrates the relationship between Moodle, which is an E-learning system and knowledge management. This part contains analysis of Moodle with respect to knowledge management and categorization of knowledge management into five basic functions provided by Moodle. After the analysis, major knowledge management function- Social Networking Service (SNS) - missing in the Moodle system is identified. The practical part is concerned with the enhancement of the Moodle system by adding SNS in the system; hence to fulfill this objective, Moodle is integrated with Mahara, an open source portfolio system which contains social networking features. After the integration, Moodle has both features of learning management system and user management system. The basic goal behind the integration is to verify the research finding that, "social networking service enhances E-learning system", which helps to further strengthen the relationship between the two systems.

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