Physicochemical Analysis of Cocoa Pod and its Effect as a Filler in Polyester Resin Composite

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Author(s) Imoisili P. E. | Etiobhio B. W. | Ezenwafor. T. C. | AttahDaniels B. E. | Olusunle S.O.O.
Pages 89-93
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords cocoa pod; polyester resin; composite; volume fraction; tensile strength

Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of cocoa pod and harvest season are often accompanied with tones of residues that are of environmental menace and in some cases hazardous. In this paper physicochemical analysis of cocoa pod was carried out and the influence of different volume fraction of the fillers in polyester resin composite was studies. Physicochemical analysis shows Moisture content to be 6.69%, ash 8.91%, lignin 26.51%, cellulose 24.28%, extractive 4.81%. It was also observed that from the tensile test results there was a gradual reduction in both the tensile and specific tensile strength. Percentage Elongation also shows a gradual reduction while modulus and specific modulus of the composite shows increase as filler volume increases. Thus Cocoa pod filler (CPF) can be utilized as a non-reinforcing filler in polyester resin composite.

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