Comparative Proximate Compositions of Watermelon Citrullus Lanatus, Squash Cucurbita Pepo’l and Rambutan Nephelium Lappaceum

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Author(s) Fila, W.A. | Itam, E.H. | Johnson, J.T. | Odey, M.O. | Effiong, E.E. | Dasofunjo, K. | Ambo, E.E.
Pages 81-88
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords Comparative, Proximate-Compositions, Citrullus Lanatus, Cucurbita pepo’L, Nephelium Lappaceum

The nutritional quality/contents of the pulp, seeds and rind of Citrullus lanatus, Nephelium lappaceum and Cucurbita pepo’L were evaluated. The study was carried out on both fresh and dried samples. Results of the investigation reveal that the seeds of the fruits were all rich in oil, protein. Although there was a significant changes (p< 0.05) in the nutrient contents i.e protein, carbohydrate, crud fat, crud protein, moisture and ash content in the different parts of the fruits, the nutrients in the seeds and rind which are the parts always discarded, can contribute immensely to recommended daily allowance and maintenance of good nutritional status and hence good health for both man and livestock.

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