Factors Influencing Management of CDF Projects: A Case of Ainamoi Constituency, Kericho County

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Author(s) Ochieng, F. Owuor | Tubey Ruth
Pages 1-15
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords CDF, project organisation design and project identification

Constituency development fund (CDF) is a decentralized fund which was established by the Kenyan government based on the belief that the local level government has a better understanding of community needs. Since its establishment in 2003, the management of CDF faces varied challenges which include the organization structure and project identification. The purpose of the study was to assess factors that influence management of CDF, with a focus on Ainamoi constituency in Kericho District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya. The study’s objectives were to: establish the appropriateness of organization design in management of the CDF and to identify the criteria used by CDF to identify projects for funding. A survey research design was adapted because of its rich provision of quantitative and numerical data. The study sampled 137 respondents, including 132 Project Management Committee (PMC), one District Development Officer (DDO), one MP and 3 members of the CDF committee. Questionnaires and interview schedule were the tools used to collect data. Analysis of data was done through coding, tabulation, assessing the means using percentage and explanations. Study results found that people who are managing CDF projects are not conversant with its management rules. The study also established that funds allocated to CDF projects are not enough to complete the projects in one financial year. The study made several recommendations including that: CDF project identification should involve local communities; CDF projects should be funded to the maximum in one financial year as opposed to funding in bits for several financial years and PMCs should be trained on specific guidelines on CDF management.

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