Implication of Yeast Dynamin-Related Protein Vps1 in Endocytosis and Organelle Fission

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Author(s) Alexis Brummett | Michelle Williams | Jacob Hayden | Kyoungtae Kim
Pages 148-152
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords dynamin, Vps1, endocytosis, Golgi, scission

Dynamin is a multi-domain GTPase found in mammals, which plays an imperative role in fission events at the plasma membrane during endocytosis and membrane-bound internal organelles, including the Golgi membrane (Ramachandran 2011). It has been shown that dynamin and its yeast counterpart, vacuolar protein sorting 1 (Vps1), are highly related proteins sharing similar sequence and function. Through this in-depth review of the literature, we summarize main functions of the dynamic Vps1 protein at diverse locations within the cell.

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