Potassium Bromate and Heavy Metal Content of Selected Bread Samples Produced in Zaria, Nigeria

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Author(s) A.M Magomya | G.G Yebpella | U.U Udiba | H.S Amos | M.S Latayo
Pages 232-237
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2013
Keywords Bread, Potassium Bromate, Heavy metals

Fifteen different bread brands produced in Zaria metropolis of Northern Nigeria were analyzed for potassium bromate content and some heavy metals. The study revealed the presence of potassium bromate in all the samples analysed, the concentrations ranged from 2.46-13.60mg/kg, all the values were above the allowed limit by FDA. The heavy metals determined were Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn and Fe. Results obtained were assessed on the basis of the permissible limits for the respective metals in Foods. The concentrations of Pb and Cd in the samples were in the range of 0.34-3.13mg/kg and 0.013-0.098mg/kg respectively. The levels of these metals in some of the samples suggest a certain degree of contamination. The values for Cu, Zn and Fe in the samples ranged as follows; Cu (0.13-0.098mg/kg), Zn (0.24-1.72mg/kg) and Fe (0.53-8.45mg/kg). Cu and Zn content in all the samples where within permissible limits. The concentration for Fe was above permissible limit in two of the samples (samples 10 and 12, 8.45mg/kg and 7.45mg/kg respectively)

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