Physico – Chemical Analysis of Effluents from Jacbon Chemical Industries Limited, Makers of Bonalux Emulsion and Gloss Paints

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Author(s) Onuegbu T.U. | Umoh, E. T. | Onwuekwe I.T.
Pages 169-173
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2013
Keywords Analysis, Effluent, Chemical Industries, Bonalux Paints.

Effluents from domestic and industrial processing activities can be re-used as source of water for irrigation in arid and semi-arid regions where there is limited availability of water. Heavy metals in paint effluents are not biodegradable and their presence in streams and lakes may lead to bioaccumulation in aquatic organisms. This research was aimed at the analysis of the untreated effluents from Jacbon Industries limited, makers of Bonalux paints, Km2 Nkpor- Obosi Road Obosi, Anambra State, for three sampling periods: November, December 2011 and January 2011. The samples were collected from a discharge point through which it enters the environment and various physico-chemical parameters were determined. Results obtained showed the following average physico-chemical parameters pH(6.25), colour(milky), temperature(35oC), TDS (224 mg/L at 105oC), BOD (182 mg/L), COD (1092 mg/L). Others include TS (723 mg/L), TSS (6.15mg/L) electrical conductivity (234 µScm-1 at 25oC), total alkalinity (952 mg/L), total acidity (43 mg/L) and total hardness CaCO3(53 mg/L). Cl- (49 mg/L), SO42- (30 mg/L) and NO3 (0.25 mg/L). Results obtained from Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer analysis (AAS) showed the average metal levels as Ni+( 1.0mg/L), Cu2+(2.46 mg/L), Fe2+(7.57 mg/L), Cd2+ (1.74mg/L), Pb2+( 0.09mg/L) etc. Finally, organic functional groups determination was carried out for the samples by using an IR Spectroscopy and results showed presence of CH3, CH2 stretch of alkane, O-H bend, C=O bend, C6H5 stretch of aromatics and –OR undulating functional groups. Results of the physicochemical analysis indicated showed some level of compliance with WHO and NESREA limits except Temperature, BOD and COD.

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