Annona senegalensis Persoon: A Multipurpose shrub, its Phytotherapic, Phytopharmacological and Phytomedicinal Uses

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Author(s) Alqasim A. Mustapha
Pages 862-865
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date December, 2013
Keywords Annona senegalensis, Annonaceae , phytochemical, phyto- therapy, phyto- pharmacology.

Medicinal plants have been employed in various ways for the management, and healing of treatment of different diseases. For many years, researchers have grown interest among the usage of different medicinal from folklore system of medicine for the treatment of different illness. The folklore system of medicine consists of enormous number of plants with a variety of medicinal, phamacolological and therapeutic importance and therefore represents a priceless reservoir of novel bioactive ingredients. Annona senegalensis Persoon is a multipurpose plant with a high traditional and medicinal uses for the maintenance of free health life. Traditionally the plant is used as stimulant, pain reliever etc. whereas the plant possess beneficial effects such as anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, Antidiarrheal, antiinflamatory, antiparasitic, anticonvulsant, antimalarial, antitripasonal, antisnake venom and Antinociceptive and many other medicinal properties. These properties of the plant possess is due to the important phytochemical constituents like triterpenes, anthocyanes, glucids, coumarins, flavonoids and alkaloids etc. This review attempts to include the available literature on Annona senegalensis with reference to its phyto- therapic properties, phyto- chemical constituents, phyto- pharmacological phytomedicinal activities and traditional uses for the future research work.

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