Determination of Radionuclides in Building Blocks Made in Kaduna Metropolis

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Author(s) Abdulkarim M.S. | Sadiq U | Zakari .I.Y.
Pages 866-868
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date December, 2013
Keywords Radionuclide’s ,Building block, Kaduna

Ten samples of building blocks were collected from different block making industries in Kaduna metropolis. The radioactivity concentration of the natural radionuclide in the samples were determined by gamma-ray spectrometry with a NaI(Tl) detector. The radioactivity concentration varied from(6.27±0.1473 to 51.14±0.372) x 10-3 mSv, (0.55±0.01734 to 1.64±0.1216) x 10-3 mSv and (2.04±0.057 to 5.56±0.0741) x 10-3 mSv for 40k, 226Ra and 232Th respectively. The result obtained fall within the limit of the international standards for building materials. This indicates that the blocks made in Kaduna metropolis are radiologically safe for building.

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