Cadmium and Lead Levels of Telferia Occidentalis and Spinacia Oleracea Sold in Open Daily Markets in Makurdi, Nigeria

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Author(s) Akwaka, J.C. | Sule, A.F.
Pages 857-861
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date December, 2013
Keywords Crude protein, levels, clinical implications, FAO, WHO.

The cadmium and lead contents of Telferia occidentalis (pumpkin leaf) and Spinacia oleracea (spinach leaf or green tete) purchased from the open daily markets in Northbank, Wadata and Wurukum Areas of Makurdi Township of Benue State were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry. Cadmium was detected in the wet extract of spinach leaves at levels ranging from 0.043±0.019mg/kg to 0.055±0.011mg/kg, and at levels from 0.067±0.019mg/kg to 0.075±0.012mg/kg for the pumpkin leaves extract. Lead was also detected at levels ranging from 0.037±0.023mg/kg to 0.057±0.019mg/kg in spinach leaves, and from 0.053±0.020mg/kg to 0.077±0.019mg/kg in pumpkin leaves wet extract respectively. The results obtained were lower than those of previous reports as well as below the FAO/WHO safe limit for green leafy edible vegetables. The results do not seem to suggest any serious clinical implications associated with the consumption of both vegetables.

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