Quality Assessment of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Okura River, Kogi State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Gideon, Y. B | Fatoye, F. B | Omada, J. I
Pages 879-885
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date December, 2013
Keywords Water Quality, Okura River.

Physico-chemical parameters have been used to monitor water quality of about 34 km stretch of the catchment area of River Okura. Water samples collected from River Okura at Oji-Aji, Igodo, Ogodu, Okura and Ofe-Jiji have been subjected to physical and chemical analyses required for water quality evaluation. The water samples have pH value of 7.59, on the average. This indicates that, the water is slightly alkali. Measured Electrical Conductivity ranges from 0.02S/cm at the river source in Oji-Aji to 0.05S/cm in Ofe-Jiji. This low concentration implies low ionic content of the river water. The concentrations of Total Solids, Turbidity and Salinity increases down-stream from 22.60mg/l, 6.45mg/l and 0.23mg/l in Oji-Aji to 126mg/l, 9.08mg/l and 0.62mg/l, respectively in Ofe-Jiji. This indicates some level of pollution in the water. Cationic components of Water samples indicate, Ca2+ > Na+ > K+ > Mg2+ while anionic component is in the order of; HCO3- > Cl- > SO42- > NO3- > PO43- > CO32-. The concentrations are within the permissible limits of World Health Organization and Standard Organization of Nigeria guidelines for drinking water.

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