Vol. 2, No.8 August 2013

Pages 576-621

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Improvement of Power Mathematical in Learning Math through Learning Model Combined Abstract Full Text
   Atiyah Suharti 576-582
- Necessity of Sustainability in Architectural Practices for Achieving Sustainable Development Abstract Full Text
   M.Sirija | B.Arch. 583-587
- Effect of Strain Rates on Mild Steel under Tensile Loading Abstract Full Text
   Ogundare O.D. | Momoh I.M.| Akinribide O.J.| Daniyan, A.A.| Adetunji, A.R. | Olusunle, S.O.O. 588-594
- Effect of Row Spacing and Cutting Interval on Products Forage and Antinutrition of Orok-Orok (Crotalaria juncea) Abstract Full Text
   Prayitno, R. S, Sumarsono | S.Anwar 588-594
- Assessement of the Scintigraphic Image Quality in Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) using   Jaszczak Phantom Abstract Full Text
   Ernest Kojo Eduful | John Humphrey Amuasi | Mary Boadu | Francis Hasfor | Edem Sosu 599-608
- A Study of Group Theory in the Context of Multiset Theory Abstract Full Text
   Y.Tella | S. Daniel 609-615
- Biodiesel Production via Esterification of Free Fatty Acids from Cucurbita pepo L. Seed Oil: Kinetic Studies Abstract Full Text
   I.M. Ogbu | V.I.E. Ajiwe 616-621

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