Effect of Row Spacing and Cutting Interval on Products Forage and Antinutrition of Orok-Orok (Crotalaria juncea)

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Author(s) Prayitno, R. S, Sumarsono | S.Anwar
Pages 595-598
Volume 2
Issue 8
Date August, 2013
Keywords strain rate, electronic tensometer, micrograph

The effect of strain rates on 0.19% C mild steel under tensile loading has been presented in this work. An electronic tensometer was used to conduct the test by varying the strain rates. Optical microscope and micro-hardness tester were used to characterize the microstructural orientations and hardness respectively around the necking region before and after test. From the results, the strain rate of 10 mm/min has proven to possess the highest hardness and lowest yield strength and hence, will give the optimum structural performance. The micrographs showed that 5 mm/min strain rate produced the least pearlite grains count, followed by that strained at 20 mm/min, then 30 mm/min and most pearlite grains count was found with that of strain rate 10 mm/min. Consequently, the area covered by ferrite grains was highest in 5 mm/min strain rate and least with that 10 mm/min strain rate.

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