Vol. 2, No.4 April 2013

Pages 282-364

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- A Different Look at the Pol Erdos-Mordell Theorem Abstract Full Text
   Suheyla Elmas | Seyfullah Hizarci 282-284
- Markovian Migrational Models a Dynamics of Repeat Migration: A Markov Chain Analysis and Application Abstract Full Text
   M. Roungu Ahmmad | Md. Sanwar Hossain | Md. Matair Rahman | Azizur Rahman 285-290
- An Assessment of Critical Loadings and Member sizing for the Design of Structural Support for a Solar Tracking Bi-Focal   Collector System Abstract Full Text
   Abdulrahim A. T. | Onundi, L. O. | Diso, I. S. 291-301
- Vibrio Alginolyticus: An Emerging Pathogen of Foodborne Diseases Abstract Full Text
   Sabir Mustapha | Ennaji Moulay Mustapha | Cohen Nozha 302-309
- Screening of Pearl Millet for Phytoextraction Potential in Soil Contaminated with Cadmium and Lead Abstract Full Text
   Wuana, R.A. | Adie, P.A. | Abah, J. | Ejeh, M.A. 310-319
- Comparative Assessment of Levels of Heavy Metals in Earthworm Casts and Soils at Contaminated Sites Abstract Full Text
   Iorungwa, M.S. | Wuana, R.A. | Yiase, S.G. 320-325
- Vulnerability of Soil Erosion in Okitipupa Area of Ondo State, Southwest Nigeria: A Climatic Problem Abstract Full Text
   Obasi, R. A 326-335
- Stability Analysis of the Transmission Dynamics of HIV/AIDS in the Presence of Treatment and Condom Usage Abstract Full Text
   S. Abdulrahman | M. Bawa | Y. B. Aliyu | A. I. Ajike 336-352
- Estimating Field Loss of a Developed Rice Stripper Harvester in Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Adisa A. F. 353-358
- Dye Removal from Colored Textile Wastewater Using Synthesized Chitosan Abstract Full Text
   Angham G. Hadi 359-364

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