Using Transformer in Low Noise Phase Quadrature VCO

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Author(s) Masoud Sabaghi | Behrokh Beiranvand | S.Reza Hadianamrei | Shahrouz Yazdani
Pages 488-493
Volume 1
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords Quadrature VCO ,Cross-Couple,Phase Noise, GaAs HEMT

This paper aims to introduce a quadrature VCO which applies superharmonic coupling. The presented quadrature VCO is suitable to be used, both with 2×subharmonic mixers, as well as 4×subharmonic mixers. It would be impossible to avoid the presence of harmonics in GaAs HEMT VCO circuits. These harmonics are in general, undesirable signals which tend to accompany the desired fundamental signal. There are common-mode nodes (similar to those in the two source nodes in a cross-coupled VCO) in deferential VCO at which higher-order harmonics are present while the fundamental is absent in essence. We can make use of these second-order harmonics which are present at the common-mode nodes of two VCO in order to to implement a quadrature connection between the fundamental outputs. The technique through which this is done is called superharmonic coupling. This GaAs HEMT quadrature VCO which applies active superharmonic coupling puts an excellent performance in show, with an output power -0.942dBm for fundamental and -9.751dBm for subharmonic, phase noise -107.2dBc/Hz for fundamental and -114.8dBc/Hz at a 1MHz offset. All of circuit applied are designed and simulated by ADS, 2008.

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