Using Theory CMOS Active Inductors in Low Noise Amplifier

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Author(s) Masoud Sabaghi | Shahrouz Yazdani | S.reza Hadianamrei | Behrokh Beiranvand
Pages 461-465
Volume 1
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords Active inductors, HEMT, LNA, ADS

In this paper we present LNA with active inductor circuits are employed to assess their suitability for providing a tuning function in HEMT circuits. Comparisonof measurement and simulation ofan active inductor shows the high quality factor. Simulations ofthe low noise amplifier show the advantages of active inductorswith similar performance even in regard to the noise figure.. The design and simulation of the circuits employs a low-cost commercially available low pinch-off HEMT process.

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