Vol. 1, No.10 October 2012

Pages 494-568

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Mitigation of Interference in GSM Networks by Complex Weights Perturbation of Adaptive Array Antenna Abstract Full Text
   Nsionu Ifeanyi I | Nnamani Chukwudi K 494-498
- Quantum Cost Optimization for Reversible Carry Skip BCD Adder Abstract Full Text
   Md. Selim Al Mamun | Indrani Mandal | Uzzal Kumar Prodhan 499-504
- Assessment of Logistics Regression for Classification of Drug Data Abstract Full Text
   S.S. Abdulkadir 505-508
- Technology Adoption and Women Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Case of Agro-Allied Businesses in Rural South Western    Nigerian Communities Abstract Full Text
   Akinbami , C.A.O | Aluko , M. A. O. | Momodu, A. S. 509-523
- Investigation of Legionella Pneumophila in Hot Water Systems in Morocco Abstract Full Text
   Jalila Tai | Mohamed Nabi | Benchekroun | Mariam Mekkour | Mly Mustapha Ennaji | Hassan Nader | Nozha Cohen 524-530
- Studies on Ion-Solvent Interactions of Electrolyte Solutions – Part 3:Activity Coefficient Studies of 2-2 Electrolytes   (Sulphates of Transition Metals) Abstract Full Text
   N.S.S.V.Rajarao | V.Brahmajirao | A.V.Sarma 531-545
- Solid Waste Management: The use of Broken Waste Bottles as Reinforcement Agent for Aluminum Matrix Composite Abstract Full Text
   Paul A. Ihom | Nyior, G.B. | Alabi, O.O. | Anbua, E.E. | Ogbodo, J. | Segun, S. 546-551
- Sub-transmission Expansion Planning with Attendance of Wind Farms Abstract Full Text
   Mohammad Hossein Abedi | Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian | Davood Farokhzad 552-559
- Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloy Matrix/ 2.5% Particulate Glass Reinforced Composite in   Various Media Abstract Full Text
   Ihom, A.Paul | Nyior, G. Bem | Nor Iv, Justine | Segun, Solaogun | Ogbodo, Joy 560-568

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