Sub-transmission Expansion Planning with Attendance of Wind Farms Considering System Composite Reliability Aspects

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Author(s) Mohammad Hossein Abedi | Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian | Davood Farokhzad
Pages 552-559
Volume 1
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords expansion planning, wind farm, Markov reliability model, sub-transmission system, genetic algorithm

The energy from fossil-fuelled units is considered to be replaced gradually with renewable sources like wind energy. In this study we propose a new method for expansion planning of sub-transmission system with attendance of wind farms. Using wind energy associated with the conventional expansion planning needs a proper model for uncertainty of wind farms. The proposed method comprises two stages. In the first stage, a probabilistic model for wind farm output power is developed using Markov reliability model. In the second stage, genetic algorithm is used to find the optimal number of wind turbines in windward substations and best configuration of lines among the candidate ones. Evaluation of the method has been done on a typical sub-transmission system and the results confirmed that using this procedure has much more profits including economical, fossil-fueled energy saving and reliability benefits.

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