Investigation of Legionella Pneumophila in Hot Water Systems in Morocco

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Author(s) Jalila Tai | Mohamed Nabi | Benchekroun | Mariam Mekkour | Mly Mustapha Ennaji | Hassan Nader | Nozha Cohen
Pages 524-530
Volume 1
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords Legionella pneumophila, hot water distribution system, quality parameters, Morocco

Legionnaires’ disease, the pneumonic form of legionellosis, usually is acquired by inhalation or aspiration of Legionella from contaminated environmental sources. Potable water is an important source of both nosocomial and community acquired Legionella infections. The species of Legionella are widely distributed in water environments. Legionella pneumophila is a relatively common cause of pneumonia. In patients with community-acquired pneumonia, the incidence ranges from 2 -15%. Legionella pneumophila serogroups were differently distributed according to heater type, water temperature, suggesting that Legionella strains may have a different sensibility and resistance to environmental factors and different ecologic niches. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence colonization of Legionella pneumophila in hot water distribution systems of hospitals and hotels and factories in Morocco and to examine the possible association with bacterial contamination and physic chemical parameters.

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