Solid Waste Management: The use of Broken Waste Bottles as Reinforcement Agent for Aluminum Matrix Composite

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Author(s) Paul A. Ihom | Nyior, G.B. | Alabi, O.O. | Anbua, E.E. | Ogbodo, J. | Segun, S.
Pages 546-551
Volume 1
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords solid waste, management, waste bottles, aluminum, composite

Broken bottles and glasses have constituted a serious waste management problem. These broken bottles are dangerous and can inflict serious body injury if stepped upon accidentally. This research work has investigated the use of these broken bottles as reinforcement agent for the production of Particles Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite (PAMC). The developed composite using waste bottles and glasses in aluminum matrix had improved mechanical properties of the composite. The investigated mechanical properties were hardness and tensile strength. Tensile strength values for the as-cast composite which was produced using stir cast method were all greater than that of the monolithic aluminum which has a tensile strength value of 90N/mm2. The aged hardened composite also showed improvement over the as-cast composite indicating that the composite responded to age hardening. All values of hardness and tensile strength were higher in the case of the age hardened composite. Observations of microstructure revealed precipitate formation of the second phase in the case of the age hardened composite. The work has revealed that waste bottles can be used in improving the mechanical properties of monolithic aluminum.

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