Studies on Ion-Solvent Interactions of Electrolyte Solutions – Part 3:Activity Coefficient Studies of 2-2 Electrolytes (Sulphates of Transition Metals)

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Author(s) N.S.S.V.Rajarao | V.Brahmajirao | A.V.Sarma
Pages 531-545
Volume 1
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords Activity Coefficient, 2-2 Electrolytes, Pitzer’s equations for the 2-2 electrolytes, Debye-Huckel theory, Debye–Huckel limiting law, Gibbs free energy, Thermodynamic Model of Electrolyte Solution

This paper presents the application of the evaluated dielectric data to the calculations of Activity coefficient and related parameters of the Pitzer’s equations for 2-2 electrolytes namely Copper sulphate, Nickel sulphate, Manganese sulphate and Cobalt sulphate. Results are represented as plots between √c as abscissa and [-ln γ_±] as ordinate in set 1; and between √c as abscissa and A_(ᶲ )as ordinate in set 2 . The study of the slopes of the graphs reveals several details about the latent Eigen and Tamm’s Ion-pair formation mechanism. Systematic analysis along with supporting findings from the literature is cited.

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