Vol. 1, No.11 November 2012

Pages 569-649

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Weldability Assessment of Dual Phase Medium Carbon Low Allow Steel Abstract Full Text
   Momoh I.M. | Dongo E.I. | Olusunle S.O.O. | Ogundare O.D. 569-572
- Microbiological Assessment of Ero and Ureje Dams in Ekiti State, Southwest, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Obasi, R. A | Fakolade, R. O | Anyanwu, N.O 573-577
- Studies on Ion-solvent Interactions of Electrolyte Solutions – Part 2: Variation of Relative Permitivity with Temperature Abstract Full Text
   N.S.S.V.Rajarao | V.Brahmajirao | A.V.Sarma | A.Phanendralal Varma 578-583
- A Comparative Analysis of the Trouble Time for Conventional and Casing Drilling Wells: A Case Study on the Lobo Trend Abstract Full Text
   Abubakar Mohammed | Ikebudu Abolle-Okoyeagu | Chika Judith Okeke 578-583
- Culture Conditions for the Production of Tannase from Trichoderma harzianum MTCC 10841 Abstract Full Text
   Hina Iqbal | Ashima Kapoor 584-595
- Paradigm-Changing 21st Century Renewable Energy Technology for Distributed Energy Power Generation with a Zero   Carbon Footprint - Paper Withdrawn Abstract Full Text
   Wayne Nowland 596-601
- Vibrations Analysis of 4 Jaw Flexible Coupling Considering Unbalancing in Two Planes Abstract Full Text
   Sanjiv Kumar | Rakesh Sehgal | Rajiv Kumar | Sanjeev Bhandari 602-608
- Institutional and Technical Factors Influencing Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Omonona Bola Titus | Babatunde Adeola Adefisayo 609-621
- The Relationship between Teaching Style and Students' Satisfaction of Isfehan City Abstract Full Text
   Raheleh Ghazi Ardakani | Madine Alikhani | ShokoohShafayi | Fatemeh Soltan | ZohrehRavangard 622-630
- Electrical Resistivity Investigation of Solid Waste Dumpsite at Rumuekpolu in Obio Akpor L.G.A., Rivers State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Ekeocha, N. E. | Ikoro Diugo Okereke | Okonkwo, S. E. 631-637
- New Theories, Models and Explanations of Science Abstract Full Text
   Md Abdul Alim 638-643
- A 4-Step Implicit Collocation Method for Solution of First and Second Order Odes Abstract Full Text
   Z A. Adegboye | I. Aliyu 644-649

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