Institutional and Technical Factors Influencing Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Nigeria

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Author(s) Omonona Bola Titus | Babatunde Adeola Adefisayo
Pages 609-621
Volume 1
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Sustainable Institutional, Technological, Heterogeneity develop, Conventional

Sustainable agriculture is the management and conservation of natural resources base and the orientation of technological and institutional change to ensure the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs for the present and future generation. In Nigeria, heterogeneity in the agro climate implies that no single approach can be applied in a uniform manner, the traits and diverse nature of Nigeria farming system characterized by mixed cropping, mixed farming and small farm sizes also challenges technologies available. It is therefore imperative to develop sustainable practice to tackle the various factors and ensure sustainable agricultural practices are on par with more conventional technologies.

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