Studies on Ion-solvent Interactions of Electrolyte Solutions – Part 2: Variation of Relative Permitivity with Temperature

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Author(s) N.S.S.V.Rajarao | V.Brahmajirao | A.V.Sarma | A.Phanendralal Varma
Pages 578-583
Volume 1
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Dielectric constant, AN685 Temparature Sensor, Operational amplifier, Eigens Ion pair mechanism, operational amplifier techniques ,NRTL model, Redlich and Kister Polynomial, protic & aprotic solvents, Steinhart-Hart equation, Sargent Oscillometer technique

This paper is the continuation of part-1,of the similar title appeared in the same journal.earlier & the data of our studies on the variation of Dielectric constant with temperature using the new precise technique ,with Operational amplifiers for permitivity determinations with an additional temperature determining device developed at GIET,Rajahmundry, A.P., communicated herein.Ion -Solvent interactions are responsible for the deviations between the theory and experiment, of chosen liquid systems. Temperature variation of relative permitivity of Methanol, Benzene,Nitrobenzene and Water,are obtained . Theoretical data is evaluated using an equation from literature.Comparison of theory and experiment is done and thevalues obtained through the above technicare found to show a reasonably good agreement as well as with the dataalready available in the literature .the deviations are explained on the basis of Ion pair formation mechanism , for which evidences are cited from literature.

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