New Theories, Models and Explanations of Science

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Author(s) Md Abdul Alim
Pages 638-643
Volume 1
Issue 11
Date November, 2012

In may 2012, a book has been published in Bengali by Spike Trade International from Bangladesh named “Poromanu Hote Mohabishwa O Oikkoboddho Tattwa” (From Atom to Universe and the Theory of Unification) which is written by me. I tried to provide many information in the book from atom to universe as well as I have formulated some new theories, proposed some new models and also explained some unexplained problems of science which seems to be logical to me and many others. On the basis of explanations in the book I have formulated ‘The Theory of Everything’. All are yet to be judged and proved by the philosophers, scientists, physicists, religious leaders and by the people who love science. Some important aspects of those are appended below:

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